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Search No.  1039 - Edward T. Mueller

From: Cathy;
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2001 3:05 PM
Subject: Information Please

Looking for any information available on 2nd Lt. Edward T. Mueller -- 379th - 524th sq. (Pilot) of the "Little Minnie" --- MIA/KIA on 379th's 51st mission (Osnabruk) --- Crew 118 --- MIA over North Sea --- 12/22/43 --- Whole Crew MIA/KIA. Bodies - Plane never recovered. Looking for anyone who knew Mueller (My Great Uncle) or Carl J. Helton (Navigator). Would like to know about him as a person or any eyewitnesses to the Plane. Have received confiramtion from 1 379th member who said he saw plane get shot down by a German Henkle -- Arvid Dahl was Lead Pilot on mission is my understanding. Hope this sparks some memory. (I have my own website dedicated to the 379th--- and in Memorial to Uncle -- Edward T. Mueller. My site: Crew picture available there and his picture. Again -- any info would be greatly appreciated (I am a member of 379th and receive Contrails)

Thanks so much.

We will post your email on the website. Hopefully, some of our members will respond to your request.

Responding4 12/21/01

Search No. 1038 - Harry Pattrin

From:  Rik Willemse;
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001 7:38 AM
Subject: Harry Pattrin

My name is Rik Willemse, from Maastricht, the Netherlands. I am a guide in the caves here in Maastricht. I am doing a research on American aircrews who were either hidden in the caves or were brought through (underground) to Belgium during WW 2. In this context I am looking for more information on a man called Harry A. Pattrin. He was a S/Sgt radio operator/gunner with the 379th Bomb Group. According to his family he was shot down over Aachen (ger) in October 1943 while on a mission to Hannover. He landed near Monschau and was hidden by the resistance of Colmar in Northern France. After his wounds were tended to he was smuggled to Maastricht, where he stayed in the caves for more then three weeks. When he and others left the caves they were arrested by the Germans. Harry stayed in Stalag 17 until war's end. I would be very grateful for any information you could provide me with because I am writing a book (for history's sake) on this subject. A part of my investigation can be read on PIETERSBERG.NL.
Rik Willemse

S/Sgt Harry A. Pattrin was in the 379th Bomb Group 526th Sq. and flew 2 missions 11/16/43 and 11/26/43. The following are the crewmembers and their positions to Bremen , Germany, November 26, 1943 MISSION # 43 Aircraft 42-37787. The crew were shown as POW's.

Bender, Samuel H, Lt, Pilot
Schmidt, Arthur H, Lt, Co-Pilot
Newbold, James C, Lt, Navigator
Mullaney, Howard, Lt, Bombardier
Pattrin, Harry A, S/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Smith, Lionel, Sgt, Top Turret Gunner
Principe, Constantino W, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Hieatt, Paul C, S/Sgt, Right Waist Gunner
Tate, Harry E, S/Sgt, Left Waist Gunner
Svehla, Francis A, S/Sgt, Tail Gunner

Constantino W. Princple is shown on the current membership roster. There may be other 379th BGA members that were with Hary Pattrin in Stalag 17. We will post your email with this reply on the Looking4 section of our website.

Responding4 12/20/01

Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001 12:22 PM
Fantastic that you were able to come up with so much information on Harry Pattrin. His name is actually the reason I started my search over a year ago. An American couple told me that he had been in the caves during the war and that he had written his name somewhere. There are some 65 miles of caves, filled with hundreds of thousands of inscriptions, some even dating back to the 16th century. To this date I have found 365 American names, written down in '44, '45 and even '43, but Harry's is not among these (yet). I have been able to track some 20 still living veterans down and 10 relatives of veterans who have died in the meanwhile. Until several weeks ago I did not even know that Harry had been in Maastricht before the liberation (The Old Hickory Division liberated us on September the 14th, 1944). There is more information to be read in a newspaperarticle in the Pratt Tribune, the site is called, look in the archives under "Keller", and then under "Iuka GI's name etched into history. Should you be interested in more information, I would be more than willing to share it with you.
Thanks again,
Rik Willemse

Search No.  1037 - Robert Broline

From:  "Robert O Broline" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 10:47 AM
Subject: 445th Sub-Depot Supply Squadron Members

Greetings: I am looking for any former member of subject who was stationed at Kimbolton England. I was in the Squadron from Muroc, Ca. until the decommissioning of Base # 117. Would like to hear from you. A fellow survivor.
Robert Broline 

We will post your email on our Looking4 page. Maybe one of our members will respond to your email request.

Responding4 12/14/01

From: Robert O Broline
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 6:16 PM
California Greetings: Thank you for positing my request. It's been a long time and I haven't even tried to look up any of the guys before. We were together for about 2 1/2 years. I joined the group in Muroc,CA. We then went to Sioux City before shipping out of camp Shanks NY on the Aquatania for Kimbolton. I and Sgt. Preston were left at Kimbolton as part of the holding party that returned the Station #117 to the RAF. RAF Sgt. Darlington was one I worked with on the reverse lend lease aid bookkeeping paper work. I was in the Tech. Supply office and did the ordering of supply we got from the British. Thank you for your response and the effort you are putting into the 379th BG Assn.
Robert Broline

Search No.  1035 - Robert M. Vanderstraeten

From:  Ed Maier;
To: <>
Sent: 12/08/01
I am looking for any information relating to Robert M. Vanderstraeten, Sgt., 526th Bomber Sq., KIA, 05-29-43. Any additional information about his plane and crew would be appreciated. I am happy to pay for this information.
Ed Maier

S/Sgt Robert M. Vanderstraeten, Ball Turret Gunner; was with the 379th Bomb Group 526th squadron on the 1st mission to St. Nazaire, France 5/29/43. The following is the crew and their positions on aircraft 42-29773 "UP & AT "EM":

Thomas Willard S. -1st Lt, P, 0-380654, Stephensville, TX, POW
Hall John O. -Capt, CP, 0-430582, Scarborough, NY, POW
Koves William J. -2nd Lt, N, 0-667410, Chicago, IL, POW
Griffith James W. -2nd Lt, B, 0-734338, Baton Rouge, LA, POW
Adrick Frank A. -T/SGT, RO, 36335333, Chicago. IL, *Normandy C 26 33
Belock Michael H. -T/SGT, TT, 20133962, Rutland, VT, KIA
Vanderstraeten Robert M. -SGT, BT, 36358260, Chicago, IL, *Normandy D 5 21
Hague George F. -S/SGT, RW, 38117786, McKinney, TX, KIA
Gallamore Clarence E. -S/SGT, LW, 38003498, Phoenix, AZ, KIA
Kuehl R. G. -SGT, TG, 17036260, Duluth, MN, KIA
* Designates burial location in the ETO

William J. Koves and Thomas S. Willard are shown on the current membership roster of the 379th Bomb Group Association.

Responding4 12/09/01

Search No.  1034 - Herschell H. Davis

From:  Todd Davis;
Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2001 12:54 AM
Subject: Information about my Grandfather.

I was wondering about information about my Grandfather Herschell H. Davis 35719029 Staff Sergeant. What missions he flew on and what was the name of his squad things of that nature. Also Is there merchandise still available with his squad on it.
Thank You,
Todd Davis

S/Sgt Herschell H. Davis, Ball Turret Gunner; was in the 379th Bomb Group 527th squadron and flew 25 missions from 10/20/43 to 3/18/44. The following is the crew and their position on their 1st mission to Duren/Gilze Rijen, Germany in aircraft 42-29705.

Smith, James E, 2nd Lt, Pilot
Lamphear, Leon G, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Labore, Joseph R, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Mulkern, James P, 2nd Lt, Bombardier
Webster, Walter S, Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Uporsky, Joseph (NMI), S/Sgt, Top Turret Gunner
Davis, Herschell H, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Nicholson, Leroy E, Sgt, Right Waist Gunner
Potter, James L, Sgt, Left Waist Gunner
Warren, Edward H, S/Sgt, Tail Gunner

This crew flew missions on different aircraft. James E. Smith is shown on the current 379th Bomb Group Association membership roster. S/Sgt Herschell H. Davis flew the following missions with the 527th Squadron. 39, 40, 41, 43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 52, 53, 55, 56, 58, 59, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81 and 83.

Responding4 12/08/01

Search No.   1033 - Lief "Flash" Nelson

From:   Gilbert Wilson;
Sent: Friday, December 07, 2001 5:15 PM
Subject: I'm looking for any information

My Grandfather is Lief "Flash" Nelson. He was a ball gunner in the 379th bomb group. I am looking for information about any crew members, any blue prints of the b-17, or any other information you may have. My E-mail adress is Thank you for your time.

S/Sgt Leif H. Nelson, Ball Turret Guner, was in the 379th Bomb Group 524th Squadron and flew 28 missions from 12/11/43 to 3/23/44. The following are the crew and their positions on their 2nd mission to Bremen, Germany on 12/13/43 on aircraft 42-29718 "FATSO".

Sanda, John A, 2nd Lt, Pilot
White Jr., Hardy P, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Daniel Jr., Charles E, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Walsh, Robert R, 2nd Lt, Bombardier
Smail, Harry E, S/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Fremaux, Wilton (NMI), S/Sgt, Top Turret Gunner
Nelson, Leif H, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Bremer Jr., John F, Sgt, Right Waist Gunner
Crickmer Jr., Walter B, Sgt, Left Waist Gunner
Lee, George W, Sgt, Tail Gunner

John Sanda and Hardy White are on the current membership roster of the 379th Bomb Group Assocation. The following are the mission numbers Sgt Leif Nelson flew on while at Kimbolton (Sta 117): 47, 48, 49, 52, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 79, 81, 82, 83, 85 and 87.

There are many books, articles and websites about the B-17. Zenith Book Catalog ( is one of those locations. Additional information about the 8th Airforce can be obtained at the following sites:
8th AF Heritage Museum website

Responding4 12/8/01

Search No.  1032 - Jack E Puckett

From: Lee Puckett;
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 10:42 PM
Subject: Information on Jack E Puckett

I am the grandson of Jack E Puckett who I believed served with the 379th BG. He was a pilot on the Miss Memphis. I am trying to find any information about him like what squadron he was assigned to, crew lists, what missions he flew, time frame he was stationed at Kimbolton, etc. I would appreciate any help you can provide. I have just started trying to research this and have not had any luck as yet. Also could you tell me what other sources or web sites would be useful in my search?
Thank you for your help
Lee Puckett

Lt. Jack E Puckett Pilot; was in the 379th Bomb Group and flew 36 missions with the 525th Squadron from 4/20/44 to 6/24/44. The following is the crew and their positions on their 5th mission to Berlin, Germany 4/29/44 on aircraft # 42-97678 "The Birmingham Jewel":

Puckett, Jack E, 2nd Lt, Pilot
Hoke, Asa H, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Refsell, Oliver M, 2nd Lt, Navigator
McGee, Robert P, F/O, Bombardier
Odell, Truman (NMI), T/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Stift, Frank N, T/Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Stift, John J, S/Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Demetreu, James (NMI), S/Sgt, Waist Gunner
Rabe, Wesley L, Sgt, Left Waist Gunner
Pederson, Norman R, S/Sgt, Tail Gunner

Although Lt. Puckett and crew flew many different aircraft at Kimbolton, "Silver Dollar" #42-97833 (12 missions) was the aircraft flown most of the time. Lt. Puckett flew the following 379th missions: 99, 101, 102, 104, 106, 108, 111, 112, 113, 115, 116, 117, 119, 120, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 132, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139, 140, 142, 144, 146, 148, 152 and 153.

Responding4 12/5/01

Search No. 1031 - Francis Phillips

From:  David Phillips;
Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 11:47 PM
Subject: 527th bombardment squadron 379th bombardment group (h)

I'm looking for any information on my late father, Staff Sergeant Francis Phillips 33488805. He was assigned to the 527th Bombardment Squadron,379th Bombardment Group (H). He flew 30 missions on the B17 aircraft "LUCY". Ciations awarded to him include the "Distinguished Flying Cross", "Air Medal" and numerous other ciations. He was a Waist Gunner on "LUCY". These ciations were issued by Bartlett Beaman. Brigadier General U.S Army, Chief of staff. On one of the latter missions, if not the last, "Lucy"was heavily damaged, but amazingly made it back to base. I have photos of Plane before and after damage, and also of the mission book showing each of the 30 missions flown. Also a group photo of entire crew #1415. I would apprecieate any information or sites specific to "LUCY" or Waist Gunner Francis Phillips. pics available on request.
David Phillips

S/Sgt. Francis Phillps, Waist Gunner, was in the 379th Bomb Group 527th squadron and flew 33 missions from 4/11/44 to 7/04/44. The following is the crew and their position on their 5th mission to Hamm/Bonn, Germany in aircraft 42-3524 "Vonnie Gal". This was the 379th Bomb Group's 100th mission.

Becker, Karl E, 2nd Lt, Pilot
Rawls, Patrick D, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Weingard, Paul G, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Raine, David L, 2nd Lt, Bombardier
Van Buren, John C, S/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Clark, Wesley R, S/Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Bruyette, David J, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Phillips, Francis J, Sgt, Right Waist Gunner
Waggoner, Jr., Henry G, Sgt, Left Waist Gunner
Simoncini, Joseph (NMI), Sgt, Tail Gunner

The aircraft 42-107014 "Lucy" went down on the 379th Bomb Groups 245th mission to Zeitz, Germany on 11/30/44. The crew survived and became POW's. We are not aware of any sites specific to Lucy. It is wonderful that your Dad left you all this information. If you would send us the crew picture we can post it on the website with your inquiry.

Responding4 12/3/01

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