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Help Us Identify These 379th Veterans!

The Association has a large group of photographs of 379th Bomb Group veterans. These are mostly aircrew, but there are some support units as well. Unfortunately, most photographs have no names to go with the faces, so we're asking for your help.

A new group of photos will be posted in the section below. If you can identify anyone in any of these pictures, please let us know by responding to  Please tell us which photo, row and position (left to right, front/back) of the veteran you are identifying.

Your identification of even one may help identify the entire crew in the photo, and assist in making that information available to inquiries from 2nd and 3rd generation family researching their father or grandfather's service with the 379th.


HO - 44-8469


Coral Princess - 42-38192

Madame Pisonya- 42-29890

Crew 1. 70856AC

Crew 3. B-70886AC

Ordnance personnel
















Engineering personnel 7.44

Machine shop personnel 3.44

Sub Depot personnel 3.44

Unit B Armament shop

Crew 5   71296AC

Crew 6   B-70859AC

Crew 7   71045AC

Crew 8   71020AC


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