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Search No.   1190 - Crash in North Sea

From: Joe and Linda Elum []
Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 4:50 PM
Subject: Crash in North Sea

My father, Charles Marlatt (deceased), was a tail gunner with the 527th Squadron of the 379th Bomb Group in Kimbolton, England.

If Donald Stover is a member of this organization, I would like to hear the story of the crash that my father's plane was in on August 26, 1944. Only Sgt.. Donald Stover and my dad survived the crash. The other crew members were S. Sgt. George Lively - radio man; Lt. Spencer - pilot; Lt. Richards - co-pilot; Lt. Boone - bombardier; Lt. Galliger - navigator; S. Sgt. Chaffin - Engineer; Sgt. Kriedman (Slim) - waist gunner. I only know these names from my father's diary, which we discovered after his death in 1994. He writes, "The two survivors were myself - tail gun and Sgt. Don Stover - ball turret.

Both Stover and my dad were in the North Sea, as my dad wrote, for 1 1/2 hours. They were picked up by a British Air Sea Rescue boat and were taken to a "British Hospital at Yarmoth, England." That was my dad's third mission, and its destination was to be "a big oil refinery in the Rhur Valley." The crash happened "at enemy coast line". That is all that I know about it and would not know that were it not for this diary. By the end of the war, dad had flown his 25 missions.

If anyone knew my father, Charles, (Chuck or Charlie) Marlatt, I would like to hear from you. My father was from Canton, Ohio. Also, before he was shipped to England, he trained in Avon Park, Florida and was in a crash there, as well. All bialed out of that one. I don't know who they were. One of those men died because his chute did not open.

Linda Marlatt Elum

Sgt Charles J Marlatt, Tail Gunner, was in the 379th Bombardment Group and flew 3 missions with the 527th Bomb Squadron from 8/24/44 to 8/26/44. The following are the crew on their 3rd mission to Gelsenkirchen, Germany on 9/26/44 in aircraft 42-107146 (FO-G)"Mairzy Doats". The aircraft ditched In the North Sea on their return, two crew members were rescued.

Spencer Edwin C. -2nd Lt, P, O-751766, S Dos Palos, CA, Cambridge
Richards Mervyn L. -2nd Lt, CP, O-824227, Teaneck, NJ, Cambridge
Gallagher Gerard J. -2nd Lt, N, O-718280, Brooklyn, NY, Cambridge
Boone Warren H. Jr. -2nd Lt, B, O-696199, Dallas, TX, Cambridge
Lively George M. -S/SGT, RO, 18215326, Denison, TX, Cambridge
Chaffin Howard E. -S/SGT, TT, 34506310, Florence, AL, Cambridge
Kriedeman Richard C. -SGT, WG, 39028850, Tampa, FL, Cambridge
Stoner Donald A. -SGT, BT, 39919373, Rescued
Marlatt Charles J. -SGT, TG, 35396840, Rescued

The above men are on the Wall of Missing (MIA) at Cambridge cemetery in England.

Our records indicate that Sgt Charles J. Marlatt flew 3 missions with the 527th Bomb Squadron. It is possible that he flew more but our records only indicate the ones listed.

We will post your inquiry on the Looking4 section of our website.

Responding4 5/17/04

Search No.  1189 - Lt. Theodore A. Reinitz, Navigator

From: Eric M. Reinitz []
Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 11:06 PM
Subject: Lt. Theodore A. Reinitz Navigator

Dear Sirs, I'm desperatly trying to find any photos or information of my dad , ( Lt. Theodore "Teddy" A. Reinitz - Navigator ), and his crew . I only know very little of his past but my earliest memories were of him proudly recalling the days he flew on a B-17 named , " I'll be seeing you " , and flew out of Kimbolton, England during the War. He was a navigator , and told me many a fond stories of his days flying the mighty , " Flying Fortress "! My Dad passed away about ten years ago and , sadly , not long after all his death , all photos and such were lost in a fire. I have grieved over this for years. Please , I know I don't have much info to go on , but if anyone you know may have some leads to any info or photos , I'd be indebted to you forever. He told me many times the names of all his crew members , however ,through the years ,I've forgotten them but would probably remember them if they were mentioned again. Thank you so much for any help you may be able to give me . Eric M. Reinitz

Lt Theodore Reinitz, Navigator, was in the 379th Bombardment Group and flew 35 missions with the 527th Bomb Squadron from 9/10/44 to 1/22/45. The following are the crew on their 1st mission to Sindelfingen, Germany 9/10/44 in aircraft 42-37805 “Carol Dawn”:

Teichman Richard P, 2nd Lt, Pilot
Risolia, Paul R, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Reinitz, Theodore A, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Oliver, Caleb G, 2nd Lt, Bombardier
Polk, Robert A, T/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Armstrong, Clarence W, Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Torbidone, Francesco, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Halsey, John W, Sgt, Waist Gunner
Collins, William H, Sgt, Tail Gunner

We do not show any crewmembers on the current Association membership roster. Our records indicate that Lt Reinitz flew the following 35 missions with the 527th Bomb Squadron: 201, 205 Aborted, 206, 209, 211, 214, 218 Aborted, 220, 221, 222, 229, 230, 231, 233, 234, 237, 239, 240, 241, 243, 244, 245, 247, 248, 249, 250, 251, 254, 255, 257, 259, 260, 261, 263, 264, 265 & 270.

This crew flew most of their missions (20) on aircraft 43-37950 “I’ll Be Seeing You”. We’re sorry, at the present time we have no identified photo’s of the crew or the aircraft “I’ll Be Seeing You”.

We will add your fathers name to the Associations TAPS list in the “Contrails” and the Website.

Responding4 4/8/04

Search No.  1188 - B-17 42-37859

From:  Jeff Grosse []
Sent: Sunday, May 02, 2004 12:49 AM
Subject: B-17 42-37859

I am the historian for the 434th Fighter Squadron of the 479th Fighter Group seeking help on a B-17 ditching. On July 7, 1944 four 434th Squadron P-38s (479th Fighter Group) escorted a B-17 straggler over Germany and stayed overhead as this B-17 ditched and then radioed direction to the ASR boat. This B-17 was serial # 42-37859, the squadron code on this B-17 was WA-S which would be the 524th Squadron . The 434th FS picked up escort at 1050 AM near Minden, Germany and ditching took place at 1245 with two dinghys seen with 8-10 men. The P-38s circled the dinghys until 1535 when ASR boat was 4 miles from dinghys and low fuel became a concern.

Two of those P-38 pilots are still alive and well and have wondered what happened to the B-17 crew ever since. This was the longest mission flown by the 434th, over 7 hours. I would like to get more information on the crew of the 524th's WA-S and would like to correspond with any surviving crewmembers. One of the P-38 pilots is a good friend of mine and like I said has often though about that day and the fate of the B-17 crew.
Thanks in advance for any help,
Jeff Grosse

We would be very interested to hear about the 479th Fighter Group pilots story. The P38’s were a welcome sight to many of our Bomber Crews and they do appreciate the protection fighter pilots gave them on their missions. Without our “Little Friends” many more bomber crews would have been lost.

The following are the crew and their positions on the 379th Bombardment Groups 161st mission to Leipzig, Germany ( Aircraft Factory) July, 7 1944. The 524th Bomber Squadron aircraft 42-37859 (WA-S)"Fighting Cock" ditched in the North Sea and was rescued.

Jones William W. -2nd Lt, P, O-743027, Lake Wales, FL, Ret. to base
Dry William P. -2nd Lt, CP, O-817180, Lead, SD, Ret to base
Saveskie Peter N. -2nd Lt, B, O-757094, Ret to base
McGinnis William R. -S/SGT, NG, 17069554, Iowa City, IA, Ret to base
Black William E. -T/SGT, RO, 37062315, Mount Ida, AR, Ret to base
Phillips John C. -T/SGT, TT, 34099408, Greenville, SC, Ret to base
Brady Alvin W. -S/SGT, BT, 33558580, Ashland, KY, Ret to base
Parrish Charles W. -S/SGT, WG, 34802453, Selma, AL, Ret to base
Schupp Bernard M. -S/SGT, TG, 33434185, Fryburg, PA, Ret to base

The crew returned to base and flew several more missions prior their finial mission on August 9, 1944.

The following are the crew and their positions on the 379th Bombardment Groups 186th mission to Pirmasens, Germany (Shoe Factory) August 9, 1944. Aircraft 42-32093 (WA-N) (WA-K) "Big Barn Smell" took a direct flak hit on the nose and was severely damaged, some chutes were reported. (3KIA-6POW)

Jones Willis W. -1st Lt, P, O-743027, Lake Wales, FL, KIA
Dry William P. -2nd Lt, CP, O-817180, Lead, SD, POW
Repas Paul R. -2nd LT, N, O-7042234, Pittsburgh, PA, KIA
Black William E. -T/SGT, RO, 37062315, Mount Ida, AR, POW
Phillips John C. -T/SGT, TT, 34099408, Greenville, SC, POW
McGinnis William R. -S/SGT, NG, 17069554, Iowa City, IA, Netherlands D 10 18
Brady Alvin W. -S/SGT, BT, 33558589, Asland, KY, POW
Parrish Charles W. -S/SGT,WG, 34802458, Selma, AL,POW
Schupp Bernard M. -S/SGT, TG, 33434185, Fryburg, PA, POW

William E. Black is on the current 379th BG Association roster. In order to protect the privacy of our membership, it is our policy not to post their personal information on the Internet. However, we will post your inquiry and our response so that our membership may respond.

Responding4 5/02/04

Search No.  1187 - B-17 Crash Feb 14, 1945

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 2:50 PM
Subject: 14/02/1945 - B 17 #43-39147 - 379 FG 527 FS.


I research the composition of the crew of the B 17, to the date of 4 February 45. MACR 12338 - 14/02/1945 - B 17 #43-39147 - 379 FG 527 FS. Circumstances of the crash and title the mission.

Thank you
Dahiot Daniel

The following are the crew and their positions on the 379th BG’s mission # 278 to Dresden, Germany (Viaduct) February 14, 1945, in aircraft 43-39147 (FO-O 527th BS). The aircraft was hit by flak over front lines, the wing caught fire and exploded, and seven chutes were seen.

Cebuhar Stanley W. -2nd Lt, P, O-775279, Albia, IA, POW
Reopelle Delton C. -F/O, CP, T-003968, Phoenix, AZ, POW
Engstrand Raynold G. -2nd Lt, B, O-785062, Minneapolis, MN, POW
Gates Lloyd H. Jr. -S/SGT, NG, 14095751, Jackson, MS, POW
Hardy Waldon R. -S/SGT, RO, 19148750, Seattle, WA, KIA
Higginbotham Lester F. -T/SGT, TT, 15083632, Frankfort, IN, POW
Byers George R. -SGT, BT, 15109821, Stockton, CA, KIA
Beam Francis E. -SGT, WG, 35342115, POW
Dillon John P. -SGT, TG, 14148326, Asheville, NC, POW

Responding4 5/02/02

Search No.  1186 - Lloyd E Otten

From: Gary and Sandy []
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 9:15 AM
Subject: OTTEN, Lloyd E.

I am searching for my father's footsteps through WWII. Lloyd E. Otten was in the 526th. Bomb Sq (H) 379th Bomb Gp (H) AAF Sta 117, APO 557. A family story tells that he was a gunner, was shot down and wounded in the leg. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Sandra Otten Cronin

Sorry, we have searched our records and were unable to find any record of Lloyd E. Otten in the 379th BG 526th BS. It is possible that he flew with another BG.

Responding4 4/27/04

Search No.  1185 - S/SGT Foster A Blake

From: Byron Blake []
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 11:33 PM
Subject: SGT RUSSELL E HATCH inquiry

Dear Folks,

I have been researching the loss of 506th BS, 44th BG, 14th CBW, 2nd AD, 8th AAF aircraft B-24-H-42-7522 “Southern Comfort 2” on 11 April 1944 over BERNBURG, GERMANY. My late great uncle, S/Sgt Foster A. Blake (ASN 11055810) was KIA, along with six (6) other crewmembers.

In the process of my research I have discovered S/Sgt Foster A. Blake had at least two friends in the Army Air Force, both of whom grew up near his small Vermont hometown of Bradford, VT. These two veterans (both believed to be deceased) were ROBERT K. LEA and RUSSELL E. HATCH.

Lea served with the 351st BG out of Polebrook. It is believed, but not verified that SGT HATCH served with the 379th BG. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) POW database shows Hatch was a POW at Stalag 9C. The data is somewhat corrupted (which is normal for the POW database) so an exact capture date cannot as of yet be determined. The database incorrectly shows his squadron to be the 215th, and it is highly likely that information is incorrect.

I am hoping you can confirm or deny that SGT RUSSELL E HATCH served with the 379th, and if he did so, with which BS. I’ll be interested, if he did, in obtaining mission information. I have previously obtained MACRs for various other research projects and will likely do the same for HATCH.

Thanks again,
Byron Foster Blake
44th BGVA Associate Memb

Sgt Russell E Hatch, Tail Gunner was in the 379th Bombardment Group and flew 2 missions with the 526th Bomb Squadron from 11/26/43 to 12/01/43. The following are the crew on their last mission to Solingen, Germany (Marshalling Yards) December 1, 1943 Mission # 45 aircraft 42-3559 (LF-J). Aircraft seen to explode, no chutes seen.

Thompson Charles E. Jr. -2nd Lt, P, O-799504, Coral Gables, FL, POW/Stalag1
Stumpff William J. -2nd Lt, CP, O-746358, Kansas City, MO, POW/Stalag1
Scolnick Albert (NMI) -2nd Lt, N, O-671114, Philadelphia, PA, Evader/Holland
Smith Clarence M. -2nd Lt, B, O-738589, Blairsivlle, PA, Evader/Holland
Kelker Robert C. -T/SGT, RO, 13131412, Rochester, NY, Evader/Holland
Cropp Harry L. -S/SGT, TT, 33353706, Wilkes-Barre, PA, POW/Stalag3
Kershner Wallace H. -S/SGT, BT, 13120784, Roanoke, VA, POW/Stalag3
Major Lawrence E. -S/SGT, RW, 33361720, Port Carbon, PA, Evader/Holland
Fraser Donald E. -S/SGT, LW, 31146313, Corinna, ME, POW/Stalag17B
Hatch Russell F. -S/SGT, TG, 31199900, Bradford, ME, POW/Stalag9C

We agree that the POW database has some errors as many other military reference databases do, but generally the dates, serial numbers, names etc are ok. The records show only the last camp of internment. Many POW’s were forced marched to other camps which are not reflected in the records. The records used to establish the database in part where gathered from Red Cross documents and German punch cards. Most have the incorrect bomb groups listed and there are also some duplicate records.

Responding4 4/27/04

Search No.  1184 - William Fellows

Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 2:27 PM
Subject: William Fellows

I'm trying to find out anything I can about William Fellows who flew with the 379th squadron as I want to confirm if he is my sister in laws father. Her father was based at Wortley Hall, Penistone, Yorkshire and I understand the USAF were based there for a time - he married Joan Steward around 1940. If you are able to provide any information - his service number, or anything which I can confirm against it would be much appreciated

Sgt William A Fellows, Ball Turret Gunner, was in the 379th Bombardment Group and flew mission 525th Bomb Squadron from 2/28/45 to 4/17/45. The following are the crew and their positions on their 3rd mission to Misburg/Hanover, Germany on 3/03/45 in aircraft 42-39968 “Petrol Packin Mama”:

Martin Jr., James A 2nd Lt Pilot
Carver, Clarence E 2nd Lt Co-Pilot
Dell, Melvin M 2nd Lt Navigator
Pomeroy, Robert F Sgt Nose Gunner/Togglier
Poovey, James H Sgt Radio Operator/Gunner
Sibo, William J Sgt Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Fellows, William A Sgt Ball Turret Gunner
Umphrey, Orval L Sgt Waist Gunner
Monella, Samuel H Sgt Tail Gunner

Our records indicate that Sgt Fellows flew the following 20 missions with the 525th Bomb Squadron: 290, 292, 293, 294, 298, 299, 301, 303, 305, 306, 307, 311, 312, 313, 314, 318, 323, 324, 325 & 327.

Sorry, we do not have his serial number.
Responding4 4/27/04

Search No.  1183 - Lt. Foy Clingman KIA

From: Joe Smith - Stangard (Edinburgh) []
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2004 9:03 AM
Subject: Lt. Foy Clingman KIA

Dear Sirs,
I have been interested in the USAAF of WW2 for some time, but only recently started to utilise the internet for information. A number of years ago, I picked up an aviators kit bag at a car boot sale in Edinburgh, Scotland and the original stencil with serial number could still be made out. It was that of Lt Foy Clingman, 0-745297.AAF.

I had alway pondered as to wether the service man had made it through and how the bag had ended up in Scotland. Having had it in my posession for some time, I discovered the website and innocuiously entered the name. It was a shock that within a second, I had found Foy Clingman was from Neosho County Kansas and was KIA. The push of a button also revealed he was in the 379th BG.

It is quite staggering what technology is capable of achieving, and also quite sobering that collecting what appear to be inert objects, can carry such a heavy message with them, for those who should care to search.

May the LT rest in peace and forever carry our gratitude.
Joseph Smith
Edinburgh, Scotland.UK.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Lt Foy Clingman, co-pilot, flew 13 missions with 379th Bombardment Group in the 527th Bomb Squadron from 12/11/43 to 2/11/44. Lt Foy Clingman and crew flew their last mission to Halberstadt, Germany on 2/11/44 in aircraft 42-29829 “Sons O’ Satan”:

Haston Robert W. -1st Lt, P, O-801597, Waco, TX, POW
Clingman Foy E. -2nd Lt, CP, O-745297, Chanute, KS, Netherlands L 6 7
Shaeffer Harold E. -2nd Lt, N, O-739227, Newark, DE, Ardennes D 2 7
Burblis Stanislaw (NMI) -S/SGT, NG, 10600599, Ansenia, CT, Ardennes C 1 29
Fisher Gordon H. -T/SGT, RO, 36709441, Chicago, IL, POW
Raack Kenneth E. -T/SGT, TT, 33293798, Duquesne, PA, Ardennes B 25 18
Spisak Robert (NMI) -S/SGT, BT, 12208872, Endicott, NY, KIA
Gemmecke Conrad J. -S/SGT, RW, 35562857, Terre Haute, IN, POW
Nixon William G. Jr. - S/SGT, LW, 32565622, Jersey City, NJ, POW
Adriansen Lester B. -S/SGT, TG, 16155620, Green Bay, WI, POW

The above American European Cemeteries (Ardennes B 25 18 etc.) have the row, plot and grave locations.

Aircraft 42-29829 (FO-P) "Sons O' Satan" A/C was straggling behind with # 3 engine feathered after leaving Halberstadt. The A/C was attacked by Me 109's and Me 210's. The ship went down under control, but may have been on fire, no chutes were seen.

Responding4 4/19/04

Search No.  1182 - James Lynch

From:  mark lynch []
Sent: Sunday, March 14, 2004 9:19 AM


I'm looking for my uncle T/sgt. James Lynch. I believe he was in the 379th at Kimbolton. He was a radio operator/gunner, I think his pilot's name was Russ_____ . Could you please help our family by confirming or not. Thank you!

Mark Lynch

T/Sgt James Lynch was in the 379th Bombardment group and flew missions with the 526th Bomb Squadron From 9/01/44 to 2/01/45. The following are the crew and their positions on their 1st mission to Ludwigshafen, Germany on 9/02/44 in aircraft 42-97933 "Gilded Orion".

Meyne, Russell V, Lt, Pilot
Mattice, Lynn W, Lt, Co-Pilot
Harmon, Robert P, Lt, Navigator
Holgate, Robert H, Lt, Bombardier
Lynch, James J, Cpl, Radio Operator/Gunner
Castellano, Vincent J, Cpl, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Fraser, John A, Cpl, Ball Turret Gunner
Cato, Benjamin R, Cpl, Waist Gunner
Riestra, Charley (NMI), Cpl, Tail Gunner

Responding4 3/14/04

Search No. 1181 - Eugene W Bush

From: Harry Hollis []
Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 10:07 PM
Subject: 379th BG 527SQ

Looking for Eugene W Bush, sole survivor of Miss Lace shot down over Zietz, Germany 11-30-1944. I have personal items of your skipper Lt. Gil Schlesinger and would like to give them to family or friends who would take good care of them. I have looked frantically for you but I cannot locate you on this site. The other site shows you were a POW. I hope someone can help me.

Also have a Japanese diary with three years entries taken from dead Japanese soldier on Okinawa in 1944 invasion. My uncle, Harry Hollis, was in the Seabees and I would like to translate this diary. Knowing my uncle, he was a tough Leatherneck and probably contributed to this soldiers falling out of rank. PLease help!!

Harry Holllis

Yes, Eugene Bush was a POW, however is not shown on the current 379th Bombardment Group Association roster. Unfortunately there are still many 379th BG WWII veterans that do not know this Association exists. We will post your inquire on the website, hopefully a relative will respond to your request.

Responding4 02/02/04

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