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379th Bombardment Group (H) ANTHOLOGY

November 1942-July 1945

The Anthology of the 379th Bombardment Group (H) is a comprehensive collection of 800 pages of words, numbers and historic photographs that provide significance to the "Best Bomb Group" in the Mighty Eighth Air force. The groupís combat performance was so outstanding that two volumes, each containing 400 pages, were published in order to unveil and adequately proclaim its impressive history. The 379th Bomb Group's anthology occupies a place of highly deserved honor in homes and libraries through the United States and the world.

Pictured here is the cover for the 379th Bombardment Group (H) Anthology two volume set.
Each volume is 8.5" X 11", hardbound and each contains 400 pages.

The forward was written in 1986 by Father Walter J. Sullivan, Chaplain. The 379th's illustrious history is presented as follows.

DOZENS OF ARTICLES: Early history of the 379th
- Mission #1 to Saint Nazaire - Loss of its first B-17 to the enemy

- Transfer of RAF Station Kimbolton to the US Air Force

- BBC broadcast about mission to Gilsenkirchen

- Crash landing on the way to be a Kriegie - Schweinfurt, 14 October 1943

- Luftwaffe pilot spares B-17 crew - Bombed by the 8th AF - The Grapefruit Mission

- Polish Undergrounds report about the mission to Poznan and Krzesinki

- D-Day remembered -French village saved by heroic 379th pilot

- The rocket sites at Zudausques and Euguine/Gatte - The end of Hamburg's last major oil
refinery - Wiggling one's toes - Squadron missing - Mid air collision on way to Stuttgart

- B-17 confronts Link Trainer - Bronze star for crew chief - About General Robert Travis

- Flying with ghosts - Visit to Kimbolton - And much more.


From General George Marshall - General Jimmie Doolittle

- 8th AF Headquarters - M/Gen F. Anderson - M/Gen Howard Turner

- B/Gen Robert Travis - B/Gen Bartlett Beaman - B/Gen Robert Williams - two

Presidential Citations and a thank you from Winston Churchill.

HISTORICAL CONTENTS will rekindle many warm memories - The history of the
82nd Service Company - Louisville, KY newspaper salutes Moe Preston -
Chart of three Air Divisions - 379th records achieved at Kimbolton - Col
Preston's address to the 379th Bombardment Wing - Highlights of the 1st and
330th missions.

DETAILED REPORT ON 345 B-17'S ASSIGNED TO 379TH BG: List of original 41
Fortresses assigned to the 379th -Charts of operational achievements of the
379th BG and the 41st Combat Wing -Bombing accuracy of 8th AF groups -
Updated list of the 330 missions - Chart comparing 379th 352 targets with 8th
AF bombing objectives.

CASUALTY REPORT: About our 141 Flying Fortresses lost in combat - What
happened - Mission dates - Target locations - Aircraft serial numbers -List
of crew members aboard - MIA, KIA or POW status - Includes names and
addresses of surviving crew members - A list of Squadron personnel MIA or
buried in American overseas cemeteries - List of noncombat deaths.

THE 379th ORGANIZATION: Report of Personnel strength at Kimbolton

 - List of hundreds of ground personnel at 379th and their assignments

 - Organization chart of the 82nd Service Group - Names and assignments
of hundreds of officers as of 15 May 1944 - Names and assignments of
Headquarters crews and all squadron crews that flew from Kearney to
England. Approximately 4,000 personnel are named in the Anthology.


MORE THAN 350 PHOTOS & SKETCHES: Many 379th personnel - Wendover remembered

- Anchors aweigh for the Aquitania, May 1943 - Kimbolton Castle and the village

 - Combat damage to B-17's that returned - Monuments and memorials of the

379th Bomb Group - Prestonís Toy - Royal visit 6 July 1944 - The B-17's with

the largest number of missions in our group - Sketches of Kimbolton and Bedford

- Home of the Queen, July 1945.

PROPAGANDA LEAFLETS: "Fighter plane factories without fighter planes" -
"Where are the German warplanes?" - "The Allied forces have landed" -
"Eisenhower addresses people of occupied countries" - "East Front, Home
Front, Southern Front and now West Front" - How the 8th Air Force told them
the way it was.

MONTHLY REPORTS: Day -by -day activities reported in monthly History Reports
at Kimbolton - Highlights of combat missions - Copies of letters
written by 379th crewmen in POW camps - Reports of recreational activities
at Kimbolton - Medals and Awards - Excerpts about specific events in the
squadrons. Provides interesting insights into Mission Reports.

A limited supply of the 379th Anthology is available for order through the 379th BGA PX.


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