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Upon my graduation from Midland Texas Bombardiers School in Aug. of 1942, I was assigned to Sebring Florida. This was my introduction to the B17E on submarine patrol of the east coast. Following a month of this duty, I was then assigned to Boise, Idaho to the Combat Crew Replacement School as 43rd Sqdn. Bombardier.

On Nov. 24 (my 26th birthday) on landing from a training mission, I was informed by the squadrons first sergeant that I was to report to Room 313 in Headquarters at 15:00 hours. Having no idea as to the reason for the meeting I called home and asked my wife to bring me a clean uniform for same. With this accomplished, I proceeded to Room 313 at 2:45. Arriving, I discovered another officer seated outside the requested 313. I inquired if he was requested to appear there also. He replied “Yes, at 15:00". Jokingly, I replied, "Me too. Maybe if we go in together, they can't shoot us both down". Soon, a sergeant beckoned us both to enter.

Seated at a table were two Lt. Colonels, alongside two majors. As requested, Lt. Brown reported. Reporting to the table, “Lt. Joseph A. Brown reporting as ordered, Sir.” The first question posed by the Lt. Colonel was, “Where did you play football, Lieutenant?” My answer: “The University of Illinois, Sir.” His next question was: “Did you see the West Point Academy game in 36?” I replied “Yes Sir. We sat in that rain for the entire game. Your Captain Buckner was injured in the third quarter proving to be to our advantage as the game progressed”. His immediate reply was “You’ve got a hellava memory. I’ll take you”.

Turning to the Major at side, he remarked, “Charlie, get his personnel records for his assignment as Group Bombardier”. This we proceeded to do at the meetings completion. I am, to this day certain that it was FATE, as I later learned that the other officer was assigned to the 100th BG, whose combat record hardly compared with the 379th as shown in the AF records. 


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