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Search No.  1020 - Paul R. Repas

From: Linda Underhill <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2001 9:34 AM
Subject: Missions records

Dear Sir: I am seeking information for a family history I am writing about a relative named Lt. Paul R. Repas who served with the 379th and was KIA on August 9, 1944. He was a bombardier; his serial number was 0-704234. I believe he flew 7 missions with the 524th squadron. According to a condensed MACR I obtained from the Mighty Eighth Heritage Museum, the plane on his last mission was #42-32093. It crashed at Walheim and some of the crew survived and are listed as POW. I would like to know anything I can about that mission, and if you have mission reports for any of the other missions he flew on I would be very grateful to hear about them, too. I am also trying to find out what happened to the crew who survived the crash, in hopes of possibly finding one of them. Is it possible to determine if any of them are members of the 379th's association? I have their names from the condensed MACR. Thank you very much for your assistance.
Linda Underhill

We show that Lt. Paul R. Repas, Bombardier, was in the 379th Bomb Group and flew 2 missions with the 524th Squadron (7/25/44 and 8/9/44). It is possible that he could have flown more missions, but we presently don't have any records to reflect additional missions at this time. It would be helpful if you had additional information or dates when Lt Repas was in the 379th BG.

524th Squadron Pirmasens, Germany, August 9, 1944 mission # 186 Aircraft 42-32093 "BIG BARN SMELL", took a direct flack hit on the nose of the aircraft, some chutes were reported. (3 KIA 6 POW) The crew and their positions are as follows:

Jones Willis W. -1st Lt, P, 0-743027, Lake Wales, FL, KIA
Dry William P. -2nd Lt, CP, 0-817180, Lead, SD, POW
Repas Paul R. -2nd LT, B, 0-704234, Pittsburgh, PA, KIA
Black William E. -T/SGT, RO, 37062315, Mount Ida, AR, POW
Phillips John C. -T/SGT, TT, 34099408, Greenville, SC, POW
McGinnis William R. -S/SGT, NG, 17069554, Iowa City, IA,
Buried in the Netherlands D 10 18
Brady Alvin W. -S/SGT, BT, 33558589, Asland, KY, POW
Parrish Charles W. -S/SGT, WG, 34802458, Selma, AL, POW
Schupp Bernard M. -S/SGT, TG, 33434185, GD, Fryburg, PA, RTMC

William E. Black, is shown on the current 379th Bomb Group Associations roster. I enclosed the serial numbers of the crew members so you could obtain more information from personal records stored in St. Louis Mo. I could not find any more missions.

Responding4 10/12/01

Search No. 1018 - Robert M. Kent, JR

From: Mike Kent <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2001 11:35 AM
Subject: Robert M. Kent Jr.

My father, Robert M. Kent Jr., was commissioned in April,1944, at the age of 24. He was sent to Kimbolton as a navigator in June, 1944. My mom says his tour lasted 3 months and 23 days (therefore, approximately June-September, 1944). He flew 36 missions. The name of his aircraft was "Take Me Home". He was wounded by flak on one mission. He does not remember the Squadron number. His flight jacket, with the records of his missions, was stolen before he made it home. Can you identify his Squadron, shipmates, and missions? I have a photograph of Dad and his crewmates. The aircraft is identified with the number 2847, and has the chin turret of a "-G" model.

Lt. Robert M. Kent Jr. was a Navigator in the 379th Bomb Group 527th squadron. We show that Lt. Kent flew 23 missions with the 379th BG from 09/03/44 to 11/21/44. Lt. Kent's 1st mission was to Ludwingshafen, Germany on aircraft 42-97163 " Snow White". He didn't fly with his regular crew until the second mission. The following is a list of the crew and their positions on 09/09/44 to Mannheim, Germany, on aircraft 42-38058 " The Wish Bone" (526th aircraft).
It was your fathers second mission and the 379th Bomb Groups 200th mission.

DeRosa, Ralph E, 2nd Lt, Pilot
Hagen, Robert G, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Kent Jr., Robert M, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Epstein, Irwin J, 2nd Lt, Bombardier
Hite, Kenneth W, T/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
McCarty, Ivon E, T/Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Roman, Stanley F, S/Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Bizon, John A, S/Sgt, Waist Gunner
O'Dell, John R, S/Sgt, Tail Gunner

When new crews arrived at their bases in England they usually went through additional training prior to flying their first mission. A tour of duty depended on the number of missions they were required to fly (25, 28, 30, 35 etc.) and were based on the time-frame they were in combat (43, 44 or 45). The length of time to complete ones missions also depended on scheduling and the weather. Crew pictures were often taken often in front of aircraft other than their own. We could not find number 2847 in the 379th BG aircraft inventory. "Take Me Home" is aircraft number 43-38275 and was flown by this crew on 10 missions. We show your father flew 23 missions with the 379th as follows:

198 September 3, 1944 Ludwigshaven Germany
200 September 9, 1944 Mannheim Germany
201 September 10, 1944 Sindelfingen Germany
203 September 12, 1944 Brux Czechoslovakia
205 September 17, 1944 Eindhoven Netherlands
206 September 19, 1944 Hamm Germany
209 September 26, 1944 Osnabruck Germany
211 September 28, 1944 Magdeburg Germany
214 October 3, 1944 Cologne Germany
217 October 7, 1944 Zwickau Germany
218 October 9, 1944 Schweinfurt Germany
221 October 15, 1944 Cologne Germany
224 October 19, 1944 Mannheim Germany
225 October 22, 1944 Brunswick Germany
226 October 25, 1944 Gelsenkirchen Germany
230 November 2, 1944 Sterkrade Germany
233 November 6, 1944 Bottrop Germany
234 November 8, 1944 Merseburg Germany
235 November 9, 1944 Metz Area France
237 November 11, 1944 Gelsenkirchen Germany
238 November 16, 1944 Eschweiler Germany
239 November 20, 1944 Gelsenkirchen Germany
240 November 21, 1944 Merseburg Germany

It is possible that your father flew more missions than we presently have records for at this time.

Responding4 9/26/01

Search No.  1017 - Vonnie Gal

From: christopher martyr []
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2001 3:09 PM
Subject: vonnie gal in switzerland

hello sir, i'm researching into the 116 B-17s and B-24 that went to switzerland during 1943 to 1945 and from the 379th bg one A/C landed there on the 20th july 1944 i was wondering if you could help me with my research as i have very little on vonnie gal and her crew and any info or photo's, i have a photo which chris chandler sent to me about 3 years ago and it's the only one i have of the A/C but i have none of the WILLIAM F. MOORE crew i would also like to try and contact any of the crew, if still alive , so i could ask some question about their stay while in switzerland, i'm more than willing to pay for any info and photo's sent to me. i'm a corresponding member of the swiss internees assoc, my number is C-21. i would be grateful to you for any help you can provide. i hope to hear from you until then have a nice day.
yours sincerely
robert martyr

ps this is my dads e-mail address but he lets me, robert martyr , use it for my research. rob

The only B-17 from the 379th Bomb Group to be interned in Switzerland was "Vonnie Gal" aircraft number 42-3524. The August 1995 issue of the Contrails has a picture and an article about "The Story of Vonnie Gal" by Joseph E. D'Angelo page 11 and 12. The plane was returned and flown back to Burtonwood, England on September 25, 1945. The following is a list of the crew and their positions on July 20, 1944, the 379th Bomb Groups 170 mission to Leipzig, Germany.

Moore, William F, Lt, Pilot
Carpentier, Rex H, Lt, Co-Pilot
Barbar, Jerry V, Lt, Navigator
MacIntyre, Donald K, Lt, Bombardier
Fowlkes, Richard D, S/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Fairclough, Edward S, S/Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Zupan, Don J, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Stewart, Seth R, Sgt, Waist Gunner
Kibler, Jack W, Sgt, Tail Gunner

Don Zupan and Jack Kibler are on the current membership roster of the 379th Bomb Group Association.
Responding4 9/23/01

Search No. 1016 - John Cascone

From: John Cascone;
Sent: September 16, 2001

Dear Sir:
I was a crew member of the 379thbg, 526th. I arrived at Kimbolton August 1st, 1944 and finished my 30 missions near March of 1945. I have need of the mission sites. I flew with different crews, and latter part of my tour I flew on lead crew, as engineer top turret gunner. Is it possible to find my missions flown. I would appreicate your help.
John Cascone, (37523435)

Our records show only 21 missions of your 30 missions from 9/8/44 to 1/28/45. The following are a list of dates and locations:
09/08/44- #199 Ludwigshafen, Germany
10/05/44- # 215 Dortmund, Germany
10/06/44- #216 Stralsund, Germany
10/09/44- #218 Schweinfurt, Germany
10/11/44- #219 Wesseling, Germany
10/14/44- #220 Saarbrucken, Germany
10/15/44- #221 Cologne, Germany
10/26/44- #227 Munster, Germany
10/30/44- #228 Merseburg/Hamm, Germany
11/04/44- #231 Bottrop, Germany
11/05/44- #232 Frankfurt, Germany
11/08/44- #234 Merseburg, Germany Low Squadron Lead Crew
11/11/44- #237 Gelsenkirchen, Germany High Squadron Lead Crew
11/16/44- #238 Eschweiler Area, Germany, Low Squadron Lead Crew (Aircraft landed away bombed with the 381st Bomb Group.)
12/09/44- #248 Stuttgart, Germany, Lead Squadron Lead Crew
12/19/44- #251 Hillesheim, Germany, Low Squadron Lead Crew
12/31/44- #257 Neuss, Germany, Low Squadron Lead Crew
01/03/45- #260 St. Vith, Belguim, Low Squadron Lead Crew
01/13/45- #265 Mannheim, Germany, High Squadron Lead Crew
01/20/45- #268 Mannheim / Stuttgart, Germany, Low Squadron Lead Crew
01/28/45- #272 Cologne, Germany, Low Squadron Lead Crew

We are in the process of obtaining some additional records that may reflect the additional missions in which you flew. Any additional information that you might have would be helpful in identifying the rest of your missions.
Responding4 9/17/01

Search No. 1015 - Bill Kari

From: Kari, Wm. Doug <>
To: <>
Subject: William J. Kari

My late father Bill Kari was a bombardier in the Eighth Air Force. I believe that he may have served with the 379th, late in the war. Although he did not like to talk about the war, he told us that he was stationed at Kimbolton. His separation papers indicate that he arrived in England in March 1945. His monthly flight records show that he flew several combat missions in April 1945. He returned to the U.S. in July 1945. I recall he once told me that his plane was called the "Virtuous Virgin." Can you help me find any information? In particular, I would like to see if any of the men with whom my father served can be located.

Also, before Bill went overseas, he was in a plane -- I believe a B-17 -- that crashed during training. He told us that two men died in the crash. I have his handwritten bombardier's log for the date of the crash. It was October 11, 1944 at about 12:30 p.m. They were returning to the AAF base in Sioux City, Iowa, where they had departed approximately 5 hours before. Can you help me find any information about this incident?
Doug Kari

Lt. William J. Kari, Bombardier, flew with the 379th Bomb Group 527th Squadron from 04/06/45 to 04/10/45. Our records show Lt. Kari flying only two missions with the 379th BG. It is possible that he could have flown more missions. If you have a list of his missions it would be helpful in finding out additional information about his crew members and missions. We could not find the aircraft named "Virtuous Virgin " in the 379th Bomb Group inventory. If you have the number of the aircraft that would certainly help. We have no records that would indicate accidents of flying personnel prior to their arrival in the European Theater of Operation (ETO).

The following is a list of the crew and their positions on aircraft 43-39076 to Lepzig, Germany 04/06/45:
McCartney, Daniel J, 2nd Lt, Pilot
Saunders, Joe W, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Horn, John A, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Kari, William J, 2nd Lt, Bombardier
Phillips, Edward R, Pvt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Thorne, Kenneth R, Pvt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Shearin, Willard E, S/Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Lanoy, Leon, S/Sgt, Tail Gunner
Washkevich Jr., Fred, Sgt, Spot Jammer

The following is a list of the crew and their positions on aircraft 43-39076 to Oranienburg, Germany 04/10/45:
Brix, Reuben, 2nd Lt, Pilot
Crtalic, William, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Gatewood, Charles F, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Kari, William J, 2nd Lt, Bombardier
Crouch, Hubert J, S/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Henderson, Ernest L, T/Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Brown, William C, S/Sgt, Waist Gunner
Collins Jr., George, Sgt, Tail Gunner

Charles F. Gatewood, Ernest L. Henderson and Willard E. Shearin are currently shown as members of the 379th Bomb Group Association.

Responding4 9/14/01

Search No.  1012 - William Joseph Sibo

From:  James Arata;
To: <>
Subject: William Joseph Sibo

Dear Sirs: I am looking for any information about William Joseph Sibo, id 36580505 T43-44 A. All I have is that he was a top gunner/engineer in the 379th group H. I am a friend of the family and any information would be greatly appreciated. I have been told that he flew 22 missions in 44 and 45 and was shot down twice. Thank you in advance for your help.
Sincerely, James Arata..

Sgt. William J. Sibo Engineer/Top Turret Gunner, was in the 379th Bomb Group 526th Squadron and flew missions with the group from 3/2/45 to 4/17/45. His 1st mission was to bomb the Rail yards at Chemnitz, Germany on 3/2/45. The following is a list of the crew and their positions on aircraft 43-38178 "Seattle Sue":

Martin, Donald R, 2nd Lt, Pilot
Carver, Clarence E, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Dell, Melvin M, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Pomeroy, Robert F, Sgt, Nose Gunner/Togglier
Poovey, James H, Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Sibo, William J, Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Fellows, William A, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Umphrey, Orval L, Sgt, Waist Gunner
Monella, Samuel H, Sgt, Tail Gunner

We show William J Sibo's last mission was on 4/17/45 to Dresden, Germany on aircraft 43-38679 "Miss Liberty". This was the 379th Bomb Groups 327 mission. The following is a list of the crew and their positions:

Martin Jr., James J, 2nd Lt, Pilot
Braly, James, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Dell, Melvin M, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Pomeroy, Robert F, S/Sgt, Nose Gunner/Togglier
Poovey, James H, S/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Sibo, William J, S/Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Fellows, William A, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Monella, Samuel H, S/Sgt, Tail Gunner
Dandrea, Henry T, Sgt, Spot Jammer

We show that Sgt. William J. Sibo flew 19 missions with the 379th Bomb Group, but he could have flown more. We don't show him being shot down or crash landed on any of our records.

Responding4 9/3/01

Thank you for your help, but isn't it odd that the crew was the same for both planes except for the pilot and copilot. Is it possible that the first plane was lost and the crew, minus the pilot and copilot were assigned to another plane or is it possible that the pilot and copilot had enough missions to retire and the rest of the crew transferred to another plane. Just curious.
Thanks again. James Arata

Further investigation revealed that this crew did in fact crash land upon returning in aircraft 44-6614, 3/17/45 on the 379 Bomb Groups 303 mission to Bohlem, Germany. The following is the crew and their positions:

Martin Jr, James J, 2nd Lt, Pilot
Carver, Clarence E, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Dell, Melvin M, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Pomeroy, Robert F, Sgt, Nose Gunner/Togglier
Poovey, James H, Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Sibo, William J, Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Fellows, William A, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Monella, Samuel H, Sgt, Tail Gunner
Martin, James A, S/Sgt, Spot Jammer

The 379th Bomb Group flew a total of 330 missions in the European Theater of Operation (ETO). Lt. Martin Jr., James J., Pilot, flew missions prior to flying with this crew and flew several missions after the crash landing. Also Lt. Carver, Clarence E., Co-Pilot did not fly with this crew on several missions that Sgt. William Sibo flew. Lt. Carver went on to fly additional missions including the last mission the 379th Bomb Group flew.

There were several reasons why crews seldom finished their tour of duty together. Often times substitutes were made due to illness, frost bite or other life threatening injuries. The B-17 F and earlier G models had open waist gunner positions, which caused gunners to be exposed to extremely windy sub zero conditions causing frost bite. Some members of the crews were reassigned as Lead Crews. Replacement crews that arrived at Kimbolton were trained prior to going on their first mission on formations, bombing and land marks for their air field location etc. (Kimbolton Castle). Also typically new pilots had a checkout ride in the co-pilots position on their first mission, while a seasoned pilot showed them the ropes.
Responding4 9/7/01

Search No. 1011 - William Keenan

From: Wesley E. Wells;
Sent: Sun, 02 Sep 2001
Subject: William Keenan

William Keenan was an enlisted man. He was a gunner in, I believe, the 526th. I understand that he was KIA in a crash landing after being diverted to Brussels. I went through the Anthology and didn't find him mentioned. I know he was there in Nov 44 until after we went down in Germany Feb 9, 1945 and it should be sometime after that. I just remember him visiting one of our crew members in our barracks. The reason that I am doing this search is for one of our crew member who was a close friend of Keenan but is not in good shape and not able to do the search himself.

Would appreciate any help that might be given.
Wesley E. Wells

Sgt. William J. Keenan Nose Gunner/Togglier completed 22 missions with the 379th Bomb Group 526th Squadron from 12/9/44 to 4/16/45. I show that Sgt. Keenan's 2nd mission 12/24/44, was to Merzhausen/Kirchgons, Germany, on aircraft 44-6507 " Lucky Patch". At the target #1 engine was feathered on the bomb run and the aircraft left formation. Their aircraft was diverted to another B-17 base and landed safely in England. The crew left their aircraft and returned to base X-mas day via trucks. We believe that Willis H.Barney is a 379th member and flew the above mission with Keenan, however we think it was Willis's last mission. The following is the crew and their positions:

Marineau, Thomas F, Lt, Pilot
Klemm, Thomas R, Lt, Co-Pilot
Hodgkiss, Bernard V, Lt, Navigator
Keenan, William J, Sgt, Nose Gunner/Togglier
Barney Jr., Willis H, T/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Holliday, Ray G, T/Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Ramirez, Andres F, S/Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Mancuso, John J, S/Sgt, Waist Gunner
Stinchcomb, Don J, S/Sgt, Tail Gunner

We show William J. Keenan's last mission on 4/16/45 to Regensburg on aircraft 44-8589 "Pretty Olga"; the 379th Bomb Groups 326th mission. The following is the crew and their positions:

Crosby Jr., James E, Major, Pilot
Pearl, Marvin, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Tsouris, Chris S, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Butler, Clyde W, 2nd Lt, Navigator-GEE
Sauer, Harold, 1st Lt, Navigator-PFF
Brellenthin, Arthur E, 1st Lt, Bombardier
Vroman, Samuel P, T/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Doyle, William A, S/Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Keenan, William J, Cpl, Waist Gunner
Cole, Robert L, 2nd Lt, Tail Gunner-Formation Control

We could not find any record of Sgt. William J. Keenan being KIA or killed in a non combat related accident. we presently don't have all the mission reports to confirm any other missions or crash landings.
Responding4 9/2/01

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