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Search No.  1050 - Perry L.Meigs

Sent: Sunday, March 03, 2002 6:05 PM
Subject: Perry L.Meigs

I would like to order any/all mission reports that my father participated in. The dates of E.T.O service were 4/22/44 to 8/14/44. Might you be able to assist me in this matter?
Jeff Meigs

We show 34 missions for T/Sgt. Perry L Meigs. The missions are as follows: 122, 123, 124, 129, 130, 131, 133, 134, 136, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 149, 150, 152, 153, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163, 165, 166, 172, 173.

Responding4 3/08/02

Search No. 1049 - Edwin Leon Mattern

From: Adon R. Reish,
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2002 4:30 PM
Subject: info about my grandfather

hello, i am trying to find some information on my grandfather, Srgt. Edwin Leon Mattern, he served in ww II and was and was a "belly" gunnerman. he refused to speak about the war. i know that he was shot down on a mission to Schweinfurt on 10/14/43, and I saw that you had a mission matching this. After he was shot down, he was then taken as a POW for 3 years. If anyone has any information, or flew with him i would loved to hear from you.

Thank you,

T/Sgt. Edwin L. Mattern T/SGT, Radio Operator was in the 379th Bomb Group and flew missions with the group from 8/19/43 to 10/14/43. The following is the crew and their positions on the Schweinfurt, Germany, mission on October 14, 1943, 525th Sq. aircraft 42-29511 (FR-W) “The Iron Maiden”.

Martin Roland H. Jr., 2nd Lt. P, 0-735093, Berkeley, CA, POW
Price Linden H Jr., 2nd Lt. CP, 0-743277, S. Pasadena, CA, POW
Maher Daniel J., 2nd Lt. N, 0-676083, Bronx, NY, POW
Rittenberg Irving M., 2nd Lt. B, 0-670255, Brookline, MA, POW
Mattern Edwin L., T/SGT RO, 32381614, Olean, NY, POW
Macri Nicholas J., T/SGT TT, 32435006, Brooklyn, NY, POW
Peacock Elihu (NMI), S/SGT BT, 34354103, Mystic, GA, POW
Cihonski John L., T/SGT, RW, 33285690, Butler, PA, POW
Sirianni Daniel A., T/SGT, LW, 32550944, Olean, NY, POW
Janik Adam A., S/SGT, TG, 16144809, Chicago, IL, POW

We show Daniel A. Sirianni on the current 379th BG Association membership roster.

Responding4 2/28/02

Search No.  1048 - Howard Hylton Sells

From:   J Wade,
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 11:00 PM
Subject: Inquiry regarding B-17 "This Is It"

My uncle was Second Lt. Howard Hylton Sells (#0-712681), a Navigator on the plane "This Is It". I would like to inquire about how I might obtain a replacement of his Presidential Unit Citation, which turned up missing in his personal effects after he died, as I would like to give this to my mother (his sister). Evidently, his personnel records were destroyed in a fire at the St. Louis Records Center in the 1970's. How might I go about obtaining documentation of his service, his mission reports, etc.?

My family also has a photograph of the crew, which served together on 34 missions. If possible, I would appreciate the assistance of your organization in contacting any surviving crew members who knew my uncle, and might be willing to provide their recollections of the crew and its missions. From the back of our photo, I have the following names:

Pilot: R.T. Lovelace
Copilot: J.F. Thompson
Bombadier: D.G. Wales
Navigator: H.H. Sells
Tail Gunner: Sgt. Diggins
Right Waist Gunner: Sgt. Mahan
Lower Ball Gunner: Sgt. Hodge
Upper Turret Gunner: Sgt. Podden
Radio Operator: Staff Sgt. Duncan
Chief Engineer & Left Waist Gunner: Staff Sgt. Dill

Thank you very much,
Jim Wade

Lt. Howard H. Sells, Navigator, was in the 379th Bomb Group 524th Squadron and flew missions from 7/04/44 to 10/15/44. Our records at this time only show 23 missions flown by Lt. Howard H. Sells. It is very possible that he flew more missions then we currently show records for. We show the following missions: 158, 159, 160, 161, 167, 168, 170, 171, 172, 173, 199, 200, 201, 205, 207, 208, 210, 211, 212, 215, 216, 219, 221. Even though Lt. Sells personnel files were destroyed in the St. Louis Record Center fire in 1973, the Center uses alternate sources to reconstruct basic service information of records lost in the fire. (See url and form 180):

Presidential Unit Citations were given out to the unit (379th Bomb Group) not to individuals. Members of this unit that were assigned or attached on a certain date (January 11, 1944) qualified them to wear these gold border ribbons. An entry was usually made in the service file of the various individuals, authorizing them to wear this ribbon on their Class "A" uniform. A copy of the Presidential Unit Citation is shown in the 379th BG Anthology page 81.

Responding4 1/18/02

Search No.   1047 - April 1945 Mission

From:   Mario Schulze;
Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2002 6:15 AM
Subject: 10.April 1945 Mission

Dear Sirs,
my name is Mario Schulze, I am 34 and live in Oranienburg, Germany. I am member of an group of amateur airwar historians at Oranienburg and I am research for every informations about the bomb attack at my hometown on 10.April 1945. The target for the 379th BG was the SS Ordonance Depot and after bombing, the formation was attacked by Me-262's at about five minutes after leaving the target area. The 379th lost two ships due to the jets. I am looking for veterans who flew this mission to archive their statements about the events of that day. Thank you very much for help.
Mario Schulze

We will post your email on the 379th BGA Website. Maybe some of our members who went on this mission will respond. Thank you for your interest in the 379th BG Association.

Responding4 2/03/02

Search No.  1046 - Robert James Philips

From:  "Paul Philips" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 2:35 PM
Subject: Crew names???

Robert Phillips flew missions with the 379th from approximately November of 1943 to February 22, 1944 when the plane was shot down over Belgium. I know that the guy on the top left was killed during their first few missions. My dad, second from the left on the front row, was Robert James Philips. The crew flew in several different planes with the names, Nine Yanks and a Rebel, Dangerous Dan, Sweater Girl, and Big Ass Bird. Sweater Girl was the plane that was shot down. I believe that all of the crew survived the war. Anyway, that's all I know so any info I might be able to get would be appreciated. Thanks. Paul

F/O Robert J. Philips Co-Pilot was in the 379th Bomb Group 524th Squadron and flew missions from 12/16/43 to 2/22/44. The following was the crew and their positions on 12/16/43 mission to Bremen, Germany, Aircraft 42-30720 "Nine Yanks and Rebel":

Morse, John E, 1st Lt, Pilot
Philips, Robert J, F/O, Co-Pilot
Lovelace, Leonard R, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Daniels, Robert Y, 2nd Lt, Bombardier
Clothier, Willard H, S/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Humphrey, John F, S/Sgt, Top Turret Gunner
Neil, Homer L, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Sechrist, Charles S, Sgt, Right Waist Gunner
Cox, Charles E, S/Sgt, Left Waist Gunner
Allen, Andrew L, Sgt, Tail Gunner

Our records show that John F. Humphery was killed in a non related combat death.

The following is the crew and their positions on 2/22/44, mission to Halberstadt/Wernegarode, Germany, Aircraft 42-5828 "Sweater Girl":

Morse John E. -1st Lt, P, 0-429970, Carlinville, IL, POW
Philips Robert J. -F/O, CP, T121892, Van Alstyne, TX, POW
Lovelace Leonard R. -2nd Lt, N, 0-809389, Gaffney, SC, POW
Daniels Robert Y. -2nd Lt, B, 0-682077, Pittsburg, PA, POW
Clothier Willard H. -T/SGT, RO 37228451, Wichita, KS, RTMC
Sechrist Charles S. -S/SGT, TT, 33236836, Williamsport, PA, POW
Neil Homer L. -S/SGT, BT, 18192627, Holdenville, OK, POW
Cox Charles E. -S/SGT, RW, 15333377, Corbin,KY, POW
Allen Andrew L. -S/SGT, LW, 34407381, S.Largo,FL, POW
Pate Edward T. -SGT, TG, 16002844, Rockford, IL, RTMC

John E. Morse is shown on the current 379th BG Association roster. He may be able to give you additional information about your father and the other crewmembers.

Responding4 1/16/02

Search No.   1045 - Howard Siegle,"Walking Out Boot"

From: Barry Siegle;
Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2002 9:32 AM
Subject: "Walking-Out Boot"...

Happy New Year to all of the 379th Members out there!!!! I am trying to locate a friend of my Dad's on the crew of the "RED DRAGON" by the name of James Burgess from mid-1944 timeframe. He was a waist door gunner, but for some reason left before they got off the ground at Kimbolton. Any info is important!!! This was Howard Hamilton's crew. My Dad is Howard Siegle, radioman/gunner. Also is there someone out there who knew Hamilton, Rexford Feaster (co-pilot) or Walter Neilson (Bombardier)??? I have tried to find out what happened to them after the War to no avail...Please advise as anything would help at this time! Spouses ! or family, if deceased. Also, if you knew my Dad, Howard Siegle, Please email me at Crew members still living include: Hector Kauffman, Dale Dorning, Harold Willey and Vincent Miller. Looking for someone who can tell me about the 379th's "Walking-out Boot" award and where I might be able to get one as a replacement for my Dad's.
Thank you in advance, Barry Siegle

Our records don't show a James Burgess assigned to the 379th Bomb Group. This could be due to his brief time at Kimbolton and he did not fly any missions with the group. We don't know anything about the "Walking-out Boot" you referred to. The 379th POW we conferred with are unaware of the "Walking out Boot". There are POW sites on the web, one of them may be helpful. (see Pow links).

We will post your message, maybe one of our association members can assist you.

Responding4 1/10/02

Search No.  1044 - Glenn D. Shadduck

From:  "Glenn Shadduck" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 1:37 PM
Subject: Rubin "Rusty" Turek

My father, Glenn D. Shadduck Sr. was a navigator with the 379th during the last months of the war. He is interested in locating his pilot, Rubin "Rusty" Turek (spelling is my guess).
Glenn Shadduck Jr.

We show that Lt. Rubin Turek, Pilot, was in the 379th Bomb Group 527th Squadron and flew missions from 3/01/45 to 4/25/45. Sorry, we don't show Rubin Turek on the current Association roster or the Taps section.

Responding4 1/10/02

Search No.  1043 - Richard J Lavery

From:  Larry Lavery;
Sent: Sunday, January 06, 2002 10:03 AM
Subject: Richard Lavery - mission report

Hello, The information I have is sketchy. I researching the service history of my relative Richard J. Lavery who was shot down over Dresden and killed on 17 Apr 1945. Can you confirm he is listed on the mission report for the 379th Bomber Group, Squadron 524? If this was his last mission, I will be ordering the mission report.
Larry Lavery

Lt. Richard J Lavery was in the 379th Bomb Group 524th Squadron and flew (33) missions from 4/13/44 to 6/20/44. The 379th Bomb Group did not sustain any casualties on the April 17th mission to Dresen, Germany, all 39 aircraft returned.

The following is the crew and their positions on Lt Lavery's final mission with the 379th BG to Hamburg, Germany on 6/20/44 in aircraft 42-31720 "Blue Blazing Blizzard".

Lavery, Richard J, 1st Lt, Pilot
Spratt, Warren E, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Peters, Lewis S, 2nd Lt, Bombardier
Kaminski, Joseph R, S/Sgt, Nose Gunner / Togglier
Hawerlander, Theodore S, T/Sgt, Radio Operator/Gunner
Millard, Alymer G, T/Sgt, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner
Thompson Jr., Lester O, S/Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Thorpe, Thomas G, S/Sgt, Waist Gunner
Black, George W, S/Sgt, Tail Gunner

Lavery and Spratt finished their tour on this mission. Lewis S. Peter is on the current roster of the 379th Bomb Group Association. It is possible that Lt. Lavery flew more missions with another group on a second tour.

Responding4 01/07/02

From: Larry Lavery
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 7:39 PM
Subject: Re:379th (1043) Richard Lavery - mission report

Thanks for the info... it looks like I have more research to do. I have attached a photo of Richard J. Lavery's grave located in East Otto, Cattaraugus Co., NY. You can see he is listed as a Seargant and his Will states he was killed on a mission to Dresden. His father was a widow who met and eventually married the mother of another crew member killed on that mission. They are both deceased now. Do you have any suggestions how I can get to the bottom of this little mystery?

This an odd state of circumstances. It is highly unlikely that there were two men with this identical name. The fact remains that Lt. Richard J. Lavery wasn't shown on the causality report or any of his crewmembers from the 379th Bomb Group. Also that he is shown finishing his missions 10 months prior to the Dresden mission. Do you have his Serial Number? The officers all started out with 0- (0-123456) with the exception of Flight Officers (F/O) the started with T- (T-567890) and 6 numbers whereas the enlisted personnel all were a set of 8 consecutive numbers (12345678). Keep this in mind on your search.

All personnel files for veterans are stored in St. Louis Mo. That seems like the logical place to start to unfold the mystery. If there are two Lavery's it will show there. It should also tell you were he was stationed and what groups etc he was in. You need to contact the following to start your research: National Archives & Personnel Record Addresses.

If you want your records or, general orders awarding your medals or for the medals themselves (you did not receive) Contact the following:
US Army Command
Mrs. Virginia A. Barrett
Chief Army Reference branch

National Personnel Records Center
Military Records Branch
9700 Page Ave.
St. Louis Mo. 63132-5100

Please keep us posted as to what you find out. Once you have completed your research of the personnel files we may be able to assist further.
Responding4 1/10/02

From: Larry Lavery
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2002 8:33 PM
Subject: Re:379th (1043) Richard Lavery - mission report

I know it sounds very unusual but I am beginning to think there were two Richard J. Laverys in the 8th Air Force. I found another Richard J. Lavery in the Social Security death records that is the right age. He could be the pilot you have records of. Thanks for the pointers. i will try to find out more info and get back to you. Unfortunately I do not know his serial # or much else at this time.
thanks again..
Larry Lavery

Search No.  1042 - Harry R. Colborn, JR

From: Susan Raymond;
Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2001 5:34 PM
Subject: Location of fellow crew members

What a wonderful Xmas present my brother sent me. I didn't know these pictures existed of my father. He never talked about his war days although I remember as a little girl, I played with his medals. My Dad passed away in 1984 and I never knew he had an album of pictures and war items ie. pins from bombs, medals, etc. Can you tell me how to find out about his fellow crew members? Will your book tell me of his missions, etc.?

Thank you,
Susan Colborn Raymond

T/S Harry R. Colborn Jr., Radio Operator/Gunner, was in the 379th Bomb Group, 526th Squadron, and flew 9 missions from 6/11/43 to 8/16/43. The following are the crewmembers and their positions on their 1st mission to Le Bourget, France, on aircraft 42-29890 "Stupefier":

Burdette, Archie E, Lt, Pilot
Haughy, Robert F, Lt, Co-Pilot
Condon, William F, Lt, Navigator
Bolling, James A, Lt, Bombardier
Colborn Jr., Harry R, T/Sgt, RadioOperator/Gunner
Hoge, Everett J, T/Sgt, Top Turret Gunner
Furness, Warren E, S/Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Richmond, Harold A, Sgt, RightWaistGunner
Hall, Eugene G, S/Sgt, Left Waist Gunner
Sedivy Jr., John H, S/Sgt, Tail Gunner

Our records show your father flying the following 9 missions(2 ,3, 6, 9, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20). It is possible that he flew more missions but, our existing records don't reflect that or show that he got sick or wounded. It is unusual that he only completed 9 missions when a tour back then was 25 missions. Robert Haughy is shown on the current 379th BG Association membership roster. We will post this response along with your email; hopefully other members who knew your father will respond.

Responding4 12/31/01

Search No. 1041 - John L. Swanner

From: Cunningham Martin P SSgt <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2001 9:47 AM
Subject: John L. Swanner

Hello Sir/Ma'am,
I am in the Air Force stationed in Colorado. I am a collector of several WWII memorabilia and I was able to come across a uniform worn by Capt John L. Swanner. I did some research and found out he was in the 379th Group, 524 Bomb Squadron. Is there any other information you can provide me with? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Capt. John L Swanner was in the 379th Bomb Group 524th Squadron and flew 44 missions from 3/19/44 to 2/01/45. The following are the crewmembers and their positions to Wizernes, France on 3/19/44, in aircraft # 42-29897 "Censored". This crew flew many different planes during their tour of duty. Capt Swanner flew several missions as group lead.

Swanner, John L, 2nd Lt, Pilot
East, John L, 2nd Lt, Co-Pilot
Betz Jr., Franklin L, 2nd Lt, Navigator
Walsh, Robert R, 2nd Lt, Bombardier
Tonenzaph, Abraham H, S/Sgt, RadioOperator/Gunner
Bagdon, Frank J, S/Sgt, Engineer/TopTurretGunner
Snyder, John R, Sgt, Ball Turret Gunner
Creighton, Otis B, Sgt, RightWaistGunner
Smith, Alfred E, Sgt, Left Waist Gunner
Marsh, Frank R, Sgt, Tail Gunner

John L. Swanner was a member of the 379th Bomb Group Association (see TAPS section). Frank L. Betz Jr., and John R Snyder are on the current roster of the 379th Bomb Group Association. I am sure there were other members that flew with Capt. Swanner. Capt. Swanner flew the following missions: 84, 87, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 104, 106, 110, 111, 112, 114, 115, 122, 124, 126, 133, 141, 142, 143, 144, 150, 153, 165, 168, 169, 171, 226, 231, 236, 240, 246, 248, 265, 269, 272 and 274. It is possible that Capt. Swanner flew more missions than are shown on our records.

Responding4 12/27/01

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